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Track Layout

A typical Superbike race would start at the drop of the flag. Bikes travel down the front straight, reaching sixth gear and speeds in excess of 270 km/h.
For turn 1, braking hard and dropping 2 or 3 gears, the rider leans left at around 160 km/h. As the bike enters turn 1, the rider must be looking ahead to turn 2.

Speed keeps dropping off and the rider drops another gear as he swings over into the right hand turn 2.

Out of turn 2, and braking hard, turn 3 is a sharp left hander taken in 2nd gear. Keeping on the gas, and extending the turn, the best riders meld turns 3 and 4 into 1 corner.

Accelerating out of turn 4 and going up 1 gear to 3rd, turn 5 is a right hand sweeper taken between 140 - 150 km/h.

Turn 6 is one of the fastest corner on the track. It is a left hand sweeper which is ridden in 3rd gear at speeds over 160 km/h.

Turns 7 is also known as the chicane.
This combination of right/left/right turns are disposed of in 2nd gear at about 90 km/h.

Then it is a hard acceleration half way up the back straight to turn 8 or the "bus stop", a quick right/left/right which can be done in 3rd gear since the entry has been opened up, but watch out for highsiding while accelerating hard on the exit.  Not only does the bus stop provide more cornering action, but it is also intended to reduce speeds and enhance safety in the north end of the track where run-off space is limited. 

Once out of the bus stop, accelerate hard up to the crest of the hill entering turn 9.  It is difficult to see over the wall to the left, so this one takes a bit of practice for new riders.

A bit of brakes and a downshift sets you up for turn 10 (the "Carousel"). This long 170 degree left hand corner must be negotiated in 2nd gear, and going wide will severely affect the line that can be taken through turn 11.

A good line through turn 11 is one of the most important parts of the track, and getting a good drive coming out of turn 11 will set the bike up for a fast run down the front straight.  Watch out for the walls here - not a place for passing and not a fun spot to crash!

Managing over 10 gear changes per lap, braking deeper than your competitors, finding the right lines through every corner, and doing it over and over until the checkered flag waves is what makes a champion roadracer at Race City.

Chris Peris takes you around the track, in approximately 1:22, in this video.